I have a SoundCloud presence now

Deborah C. Segal is on SoundCloud

On this site, you can listen to the full radio production of my play:

Natalie’s Story: a Raincheck for Jack Kerouac

performed live in front of a studio audience

at Mutiny Radio

as well as the hijinks masquerading as a Q an A.


The Ways Life Delights

Seeing potential in that which seems useless.

Saying no when what is being offered or taken is not what I wish to have or give.

Reflecting on choices, actions, and omissions leading to this, here, now.

Contemplating the year ahead

“We need to become the sanctuary we seek.”  –Jack Kornfield

The past is gone.  This moment is what I got.  I decided to do some goal setting, in this moment.  I like being pro-active, and it has been a while since I have project-managed my year.  When I did so in the past, I enjoyed that approach, and got more done.  In my goal setting notebook, I have 10 tabs.  Pretty, purple post it notes, to be exact.  I created the following categories.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Abundance
  • B.  (My significant other)
  • Connectedness/Community
  • Knowledge Gathering
  • Physical Well Being
  • Productivity
  • Creativity
  • Home
  • Travel

Within each section, I am writing specific to do lists.  I include the frequency with which I want to perform the activity.  For example, yoga, twice weekly.  Writer’s group, once a week.  Meditation practice, daily.  I will place blogging in there, too, and perhaps there will be more entries in Another Sea Gull.

New Working Title

I want to let you know I am rewriting the piece under a new working title.  Natalie’s Story was a splendid title for the one act.  Suggested by an actor friend Bobby C.  Moving forward, I am playing with the title

Visions of Natalie

There, I laid it on you.